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What is our approach?
At the Allergy Alternative Care clinic our main goal is to make sure the treatment is not as uncomfortable as the problem itself. Medication with annoying side effects and inconvenient allergy shots can interrupt your lifestyle. At the Allergy Alternative Care we use a shotless therapy that takes very little time to administer and is highly effective. Quick, painless allergy testing with high accuracy and convenience of the percutaneous testing, we can gauge your reaction to about 60 allergens.

Sublingual Immunotherapy/Allergy Drops gradually desensitize the body from allergy causing agents like dust, molds, and pollens. Over time, the immune system learns to tolerate these allergens and eventually stops overreacting to them. As a result, allergy symptoms are significantly reduced, as are medication requirements.

Treating an allergy's underlying cause is the focus of Sublingual Immunotherapy.

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